Deep Thermal
Power Plant Project

Peak Partners is currently involved in the Deep Thermal Power Plant Project in the Renewable Energy space. This project, which will build the first Deep Thermal Power Plant in Switzerland, is the first step of a broader and ambitious project to provide low-cost and emissions-free electricity to the world.

The technology involved represents the next level in geothermal energy and consists of extracting the heat available in the Earth’s crust through deep wells and high-tech heat exchangers in a closed-loop system. Contrary to conventional geothermal power plants that exploit hot aquifers, these new-generation geothermal power plants, called Deep Thermal Power Plants, can be installed almost anywhere on the planet to generate cheap and clean electricity, around the clock. Actually, this type of renewable energy is the only one that is not dependent on weather or seasonal variations and is therefore considered as the only serious candidate to replace nuclear energy.

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